@spun Hi Spun, Awesome to see you posting again. I hope that you're having a really great summer. __Rufus 😺

Was just chilling on Martinez Canyon in the SLAY5...
alt text

And then suddenly shit got real.
alt text

That is top notch stuff. Hope you've got sausages and marshmallows to roast at that camp!

Awesome cooler boxes! Reminds me of going on picnics with the family as a kid.

I did have a picnic table I made in 3DS Max but not sure if I still have the .max file. That would be pretty cool as well.

@Spun really nice work here. so much details.

one questions, did you abandon your plans about the Suburban with the trailer for the jeep?
This was my favourite project from you so far.

@alpscruiser I have a ton of things in the works... it just got moved to one of the back burners. One day I will start working on it again.

That sounds great. will wait for it

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@spun Nice...not one but TWO as it should be...throw some empty beer cans around too...not really but that would be funny.

gonna get some nice exhaust fumes into the tent before closing it 🙃

Hey Spun,
I'm loving the K5 mod so far, it works great but I think my favorite part is the beer can in the console. I'm stealing that idea for my Bronco mod. 😎

@justafordguy Thanks but it is not a beer can it is energy drink called NOS

@spun said in Spun:

@justafordguy Thanks but it is not a beer can it is energy drink called NOS

Roger that, but beer is my energy drink. 😄

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