Nice, I'll be checking that out today.

OK, I have to admit it, that's a cool Chevy. 😎

side note: am curious if maybe a build with Josh may be needed to complete the K5 RL/MR builds. so... 🤔 RL/MR/RC K5's? lol

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Testing begins on the 73 Burban. I was pleasantly surprised how well it performed.

Love the looks of the suburban, was this that truck where you made the trailer attachment for??

@spun very nice shot, btw the very last screen shot upload from stream las' night was top notch. awesome sunset shot. 👍

Yes i guess it is the suburban with the trailer.
The first one had a nicer color, but that‘s just my 2 cent

lol wat
great editing skills 😁

That's a cool setup, can't wait to try it out.

nice, i am diggin the dirty deck. seems like usually too many people make stuff way too clean for this game imo. looking good and can not wait for TTC. 🤘🏾

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not too bad for a bunch of noobs. lol seriously you fellas did pretty good considering it is only the second time i have witnessed this phenomenon.

Log Jammin'

Youtube Video

That video was so fun to watch, makes me want to build a log truck.😀

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