@spun said in Spun:

Axle truss front and rear, 4 link and ram added.

as you know this is only my opinion. i am digging the overall look, but something about that "rear fender trimming" just seems.....off imo. that straight angled cut out just does not look "right". idk, puts the thought of "hack job" to mind. 🤔

@8up-local Maybe needs like a flare or lip over that cut. Seems so sharp and maybe thats why it don't look quite right.

@8up-local Here is where I got the idea for this thing. Pretty much the same in the rear.

@spun right, guess i should clarify myself. i think it is that the front fenders are stock with the rear having that "squared cut" look is what seems off to me. now with both front and rear being cut like in the pic posted then yes, it looks "right" if you will.

as i always say though, i do not build stuff and you fellas know what you are doing. so just keep doing what you fellas do. 👍🏽

@8up-local Oh ok now I understand. Yes my cuts on the front wheel well are not as sharp as his.

this thing is rad, look forward to seeing some gameplay with it

@spun Thank You Spun, for sharing!! _RUFUS

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