Yes, I read the post, but why should I remove it?
"Because I said so" is not a valid answer...

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Because you are somewhat advertising another modder on this forum topic dedicated to Spun.
it's just rude.

It's fully understandable that he does not want a link to some other modder on his topic.

Thank you. Done. Sorry for stepping on toes, just trying to be helpful...

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@spun No problem man.

Nice Yota, when I was a kid we had a 60cruzer on 44's with a 4.2 diesel. amazing trucks!

@spun Your Hummer has been converted to Mudrunner by Nicklegosta.

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@stellyan something we are all too familiar with.

@8up-local I don't think is really a bad thing ...because many modders won't be making new stuff or convert the old files for mudrunner , so this way we can enjoy their work in this version too. I agree they could ask for permission but if the conversion is good and they give credit to the original author, I really don't mind.

@stellyan Bottom line is no one asked me. If you can't find me then you're not trying. I don't mind if people convert or tweak my stuff for themselves "that's what makes this game fun" but if they upload it or even share a link to my stuff that I never approved then I'm not happy about it. If I wanted this in game then I would have done it. All that being said there is nothing any of us can do about it.

i don't know if this is the proper way to address this.? I so enjoy running your mods in ST. i've been looking for any new or converted of your offerings in MR and are drawing blanks.
i'd like to keep up with your work, 'What is the best way to do this?'
i am super new in the gaming world. the only games i play are ST/MR, and FS15/17. so i would apologize for my lack of etiquette in these matters. thank you, Rufus.


This thread is the best way. Spun made this thread to show progress on his modding. So just read through it and watch the thread to get notified when he posts here.

You can also subscribe to his youtube channel, he posted a youtube video up above.

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@rufus-johns welcome to the community.
yup, best way to keep tabs on what Spun is doing is to keep an eye on his YT channel or this thread.

I don't think it's right to upload anything that's not yours without permission. @Spun is luckily very active on both youtube and on the forums, so it wouldn't be hard to ask... On the other hand, I can't say I'm not happy to see it in the game. But I would much rather see them updated/converted by Spun himself.

@spun Are you going to convert the Raptor in the future ?

@stellyan No. That model is not very good. My standards in models has risen a lot since that was put in the game.

Hey, @Spun! Do you think you could tell which mods you are/aren't going to convert, if you have decided?

@mr-kkot I have seven converted already. They are pretty much my last seven mods released. Basicly I am only going to convert the quality models. Here is a list but it could change.

Spun 78 Ford Bronco
Spun Jeep M715
Spun 73 K10 Beast
Spun Zone Offroad Jeep MJ
Spun Jeep CJ7 Renegade
Spun 82 Chevy K5
Spun M1008 Tank