Paxton Sisters hint

So I'm trying to get all the hints and I can't get the one for the Paxton Sisters where you're supposed to eavesdrop. They never go to have the conversation. This is after I have killed sean Hampton, is it not possible to get that hint afterwards?

Hi there,

I don't know off the top of my head if this is a restriction for getting that hint, but I'll ask the development team and get back to you once I have an answer. 🙂

Thank you, I seem to have run into another problem as well though, with the "journey to the past" investigation, I can't seem to find the third letter, I have looked at walkthroughs and I know exactly where it's supposed to be, but the box that should contain the letter isn't There. I have both of the other letters so that's not the problem either. Please help

@simex207 Could you try the empty storage room near Reid's office in the corner by the window? It's possible that it's there instead.

Yes, found it, thank you