hello guys I'm new here

I have created this account for the alpha. first time I played insurgency was in 2007 The mod . But then came insurgency in 2013 and i played that too (Still playing )
I am here for small news about the game Sandstorm. which I have already Pre order.

my first forum
and I am from the Netherlands

Hey, and welcome aboard!

I used to play insurgency mod back in the day aswell, any idea where can I find it again?

See you in insurgency! 🙂

Hi both!

Glad to have you here, @KenSilverback - happy to be your first forum experience. Please let me know should you have any questions 🙂

Hey, Thanks for the warm welcome 😃 .
on the steam store you can find the mod 😉 ( only thing i know is that you need counter strike or half life )

an maybe see you soon in insurgency sandstorm