New type of competition proposal

I'd like to get a competition in 2 phases, with

  • a group phase : chose the number of groups, and team per group, playing a round robin or wissen
  • a play off phase : a certain number of teams get their ticket to the play offs (based on their ranking from the first phase or the amount of inducements sent to the competition commissioneer), elimination game with overtime

As of today, in order to make this happen, I must create one competition for each group (for the first phase), and one competition for the play off phase, and manage the transfer of the teams to the play off competition. Not kind.

In Solo mode it is possible to customize a competition, with several phases. Why not in multiplayer ?

You can do it by auto generating tickets from the first comp to be sent to the coaches for the 2nd comp. I'm at work so I can't open BB to remember exactly how to do it, but it has to do with the rewards system.

OK Thank you, I have seen this possibility with the reward system. It can be helpful.
Anyway it is not convenient to create 4 compétitions (one for each group) and a 5th competition for the play off. Especially when it is possible, in solo, to create a single competition with several groups and a play-off.

@davouille That's basically all the solo comp thing is doing but with a different interface. Doing it with several comps gives you more freedom to award tickets (i.e. you could have 4 comps of 4 teams going, and offer tickets to all of the first place teams to a Tier 1 comp, all 2nd place to a Tier 2 comp, etc...) If you did it the way the solo set up has it, you would be forced to accept however it decided to award tickets for the second round robin and future comps.

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