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When changing a prepared move by clicking back on a previous square, the game propose you to gfi back instead of selecting the square that was on the path.
example : you prepare a movement of 7 squares with a MA6 player. You would like to move it by only 6 squares to avoid the GFI. You select the correct square. If you don't pay attention, it is 2 GFIs that the game proposes (adding a GFI to move on the previous square)

I believe it's on purpose, as I vaguely remember it was the same in previous game as well. It's because you sort of using waypoints while plotting your route (as sometimes you may need it to be very curvy to, say, maneuver around tackle zones). So in described case it's as intended. Consider next scenario where it makes perfect sense: you activate AG5 elf thrower with MA8, move 8 squares and fetch ball from enemy tackzone, then dodge back 1 square with GFI to create a distance from player who was guarding it.

So in case you've made your mind and need to plot new route, just always hit ESC or RMB.

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I get your point. In most of the cases, when you click back on a previous square, it is to correct a way point on the path.

A pick-up is probably the only situation where the move backward is done on purpose, and you definitely need the gfi. Anyway, I think it is fair to do this kind of move in 2 steps : first pick up the ball and then dodge back. I wouldn't be angry that the game resets the pick up on the 8th square, if I click on the 7th square : My player would still have movement left and able to perform the action later on

In the example that I have written, the risk is to cause a turnover by adding unnecessary GFIs : The GFI done by wrongly clicking one square too far and a second GFI done by clicking on the previous square. This can cause a turnover, for actually moving only 6 squares.

Another example : you plot a move and unfortunately you click on the tackle zone of an ennemy player. You want to restart your move from the previous square. If you select it, the game will propose you to dodge instead of recalling a previous way point.

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