After Legendary Update "The client version is not supported by the server"

After the recent update, I can no longer play Blood Bowl on Steam (using a Mac)

Log in screen gives the message "The client version is not supported by the server."

Official Expansion is listed in the DLC section of the game on Steam with status "Not installed"

No option to install it as far as I can see.

Tried re-installing the whole game. Did nothing.

Help? ideas?

BB2 Champion Ladder Admin Team

Are you trying to play the Beta or the vanilla version? Beta won't be up until the Expansion is released. I just logged into vanilla fine.

Vanilla version. Doesnt work for me.

Focus Team

Hello, what's the number at the bottom-right of the "press a key" screen?

Blood Bowl Moderator

I have had further reports of this problem on macs

@gcoleman76 I have also the same problem, running on mac, just updated on Steam, latest version, even reseting the password won't allow me to access the game : /

Focus Team

Can you check again please?
It should be good now 🙂

@Focus_Guillaume now works! thank you very much! : )

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