[PC] Bloodlust / hypnotic gaze / vampire don't stand up

A vampire was prone. I wanted him to stand up and make an hypnotic gaze. He was close to a thrall (always good to have some drinks around).
I failed the bloodlust roll
I failed the hypnotic gaze
My vampire stayed down. I couldn't stand him up (the game said that this player had already finished its action)
When I selected another player to make an action (and hoping to see the vampire bite the thrall), it created a turnover. and the vampire went out of the pitch

I guess that it is because the vampire hasn't stood up when he missed the hypnotic gaze.

Maybe I should have selected stand up first and then hypnotic gaze, but I really assumed that it would have been the case.
Even if it is not properly stated in the LRB6 that the vampire has to stand up for the hypnotic gaze (it only says "at the end of its movement action"), I can't see any reason for leaving the vampire on the floor. My opinion, it should stand up before the hypnotic gaze

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If I actually agree with you, there was a loooong discussion about that and, my own conclusion is : it depends on how you read LRB6 😉

For me that's obvious you have to stand up to use HG, but for some, it's not that clear in LRB6.
So yes, next time, stand up before using HG. ^^

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Clarification from former BBRC members suggests that a prone vamp can, in accordance with the rules, hypno gaze while prone.

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