[LE beta ] kick skill

Is there a update to the kick skill?? Is it a new feature proper to cyanide and the release of Legendary Edition ?0_1504553769729_kick skill.jpg

OK so i went to read on the thread and i clearly misunderstood it when i initially read it :
"Kick: You can now see where the ball will land with and without the use of kick, and choose if you use the skill or not accordingly."

I like the feature makes no mistake but isn t it cheating to decide after kicking if the kick skill apply or not ? It makes it more strategic and give more option to the kicker but i can t shake teh idea that giving the option AFTER he kicked the ball seems twisted logic. That being said it makes the skill twice more valuable in this new state and i like it

Nope, that's how it should have always worked (been like that in tabletop since '95).

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Then it s a fantastic improvement .

Considering its a skill that might be used twice a game, allowing the full effectiveness of the skill is a great improvement!

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