Private league and challenge another team


I just bought Blood Bowl 2 with the Legendary pack!

I did try the game a little bit, but I didn't find an important feature for me. I found how to create a private league and competition, but is there any way to create a small league (I will be playing with 2 other friends), and to directly challenge another team in that league?
We were able to do that in Blood Bowl 1, but I cannot find how to do it here. I suppose we can use the matchmaking but I found on the web that it can be slow, and that it allows only for 500k difference (though that's probably not that big of a deal).

If this is not possible right now, is this planned for a future release of the game?


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You can create a 4 player league, and include 1 bot team, or alternatively create your own private 'open league'

I created my own private 'open league', but I can't challenge directly another player, I have to use matchmaking, no?

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Adding a challenge option would be a superb addition to the game, and would improve player satisfaction enormously imo.

I just wanted to bump this as it is very important to me that this has a chance to happen.

It would make it so much more fun to play with friends, especially if half of them are busy doing other things.


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