Internal server error

Getting this in basically every mode, and it's preventing me from playing games vs AI, although playing with other people seems to work fine. Please help!

I have tried everything from Here is my Game000.log:

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I understand you guys are busy launching the expansion, but it's almost been a full day now. Can I at least get a response?

Community Manager

Hi, sorry to hear that you're server issues. It's a pretty uncommon issue and might be linked with a Database problem.

Could you give us your management.log file as well? it's in the same folder as the Game000.log. Thanks!

Focus Team

Really strange, it seems to be some compatibility issue with another software on your side that use Python too, namely Anaconda Navigator.

Can you try to reinstall both Anaconda and Blood Bowl 2? Or uninstall totally Anaconda if you don't use it anymore?

Yep, uninstalling Navigator and reinstalling BB2 fixed it. Thanks a bunch!

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