I need help with legendary edition

Hi, i bought the 'official expansion' on the store (ps4) and i downloaded the last patch and i have 2 problems:
1- I can't create new teams with any of the new races,because when i finish to choose one of the new race ,after the stadium choice, the games tell me 'this race is not playable' (or something like that). I can play the new races only with premade teams in friendly match...
2- when i give up with new teams i tried to play the new 'endless mode' with chaos dwarf instead, and after the match (i win 1-0 against an Amazon team) i couldn't upgrade my players with new skills because of another error message in the bottom of the screen like before...
Now, is this a problem of mine or it's yours? what can i do?
Thank you and really sorry for my english 🙂

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Same problem, I think that LE isn't officially launched yet. Everyone in my league on the PS4 have the same issues after buying the expansion

Try a hard reset

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Release is today, post here after release is announced if problems persist.

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Well we are already 11h into today and most games are playable at 00:01 the day of their release so yeah.. Just let me create the teams i already paid for 😞

Edit : aaaah, it work for me now!

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Hi, both issues should be fixed now. Sorry about that!

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