[PS4] Some DLC races not available after purchase.

I have purchased 5 DLC race packs, and two of them are unavailable for team creation.
Lizardman, and Khemri are not in the team selection, While Undead, Nurgle and Necromantic are functioning as expected.
They show up as purchased in my PSN list and the in game shop.
If it makes any difference, I think the two that i cannot use were purchased in the in game shop during a sale.
my PSN acct name is artificialbunny

Thank you for your time,
Ian - artificialbunny@gmail.com

Focus Team

Hello, have you tried to reboot your console?

Yes. I have also tried deleting & reinstalling the client. I can post screenshots of the shop menu later if you like.

Focus Team

If the 2 DLC are showing as downloaded and installed but not available in the game, please restore the Licences: http://manuals.playstation.net/document/gb/ps4/settings/license.html

That worked. Thank you so much!

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