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What's going on guys. Here is where I'll be posting about my mods. I've been making maps for Spintires for over a year now, and I've been around Spintires since the 2011 demo.

Right now I've got a little going on. I have a halfway completed map. I'm considering waiting on the new editor to come out before messing with it again. I've also been throwing around the idea of doing a weekly trail series with small maps.

Welcome Everyone.

Okay. Update. Most of all the map modders around have figured alot of things out. I've just recently converted my Under The Lines map, and giving it the "autumn" look. I thought it really enhanced it. Unfortunately, mappers aren't wanting to release maps because we all use custom objects, which aren't supported at the moment. Also, there are some severe issues with memory currently.

On the good side of things, I've gotten alot of work done on a new map and it's quite different from what most people make for this game, I wanted people to be able to enjoy the new game and all of its new features. Here's a few screenshot teasers.
Also havent decided to go with the new autumn textureset or the green summer(y) one
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text
alt text

can i have a link to test it ??? one of my favorite map in the first spintires 🙂

Nice, man! Focus should get your permission to use some of them screenshots for promo material! They're awful purty lookin!

@roughrider under the lines looks good, but i have been watching my steam activity and will say i have been enjoying these latest shots of the new map. it looks like it will be some fun checking it out.

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Nice, man! Focus should get your permission to use some of them screenshots for promo material! They're awful purty lookin!

you might be surprised at the shots people have been getting. if rough was to really try..... lol

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Not sure if this was a fluke or what. But for custom objects try adding those objects into a downloaded mod truck files:
The tricky part is figuring out what numerical code is your MR install. Mine is 675010

I found adding folders into the mod .zip the game seems to run additional files without tripping the MP disable.
Although I have not tested after the update they released. I was trying to trick the mod maker into adding map files into a truck mod. It actually seemed to add some of the custom objects and such, but no luck with the .stg file.

Thanks for the love guys! @8up This new map will work in multiplayer, and the plan is to release two versions for the green/autumn

@roughrider did you know with spintiremod 1.5.4 you can play map with custom object and you can use the editor in 64bit

it's on the russian website i use it to play map that have custom object in mp

if your map have custom object and everything i can test it in multiplayer and the way i install my map is by making a Media folder like the first spintire and add a media path for the media folder to the config.xml and after you can add your map to media folder

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@dan4762 Never heard of it

Be careful of this. I tried it and right after 3ds max keeps asking to activate it again and never did that. Now I just uploaded the .exe to Virustotal and it's saying it's malware.

Qihoo-360 - QVM06.1.Malware.Gen

I wouldn't use it. I'm gonna have to do a malware check now.

@tattoo i don't have any problem on my side thats weird my bitdefender antivirus 2017 didn't see it

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That really looks sketchy. I've seen this before but I try to stay from downloading things from Russian sites

all the things from come from the russian website and it work because i can play map with custom object i can play blackwater canyon in mudrunner and it work perfectly and stable