frozen timer

Hi there,

Due to frozen timer at 2:58 (?) I was unable to complete a match and leave the game normally.

  • Solo league match undead vs undead

  • I saved the game and quit the game at turn 6

  • Back to the game later, continue the saved game
    Half time, players leave the place

  • When they were supposed to come back, the video/anim didn't load correctly, I had black scren (still hearing the voice) with the cursor

  • I pressed Escape, the image was back and timer was activated

  • I pressed Escape to pause the game

  • Back to the game, timer was frozen at 2:58, the players were inactive (unable to select, meaning no circle around the char but the "description" was correctly updated ) but I was able to move the camera

  • From there I was stuck, so I decided to quit the game, when I was prompted to quit Yes/No, Yes did'nt work I had to leave the game by pressing Alt F4

  • I run the game, no more saved game available

Community Manager

Hi, thanks for your report.

It sounds close to other reports. It's very helpful to reproduce and fix the issue. Thanks!

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