[Xbox1] Legendary Edition not purchasable in the UK

I live in the UK and am trying to purchase the Legendary Edition bundle, however no payment or purchase options are available on the store page for the bundle; only the "Redeem a code" option is present.

Each of the individual items contained within the bundle appear to be purchasable (the team pack, upgrade, etc.), but not the bundle itself. The "Expansion + Team Pack" item appears fine on the store, but I want to bundle in the base game for £6 extra rather than paying £16 more to buy the base game and "Expansion + Team Pack" individually.

Community Manager

Hi, thanks for your message.

We're currently discussing with Microsoft to solve the issue.

The legendary bundle is still not purchasable on the xbox marketplace for me. Has there been any progress in fixing this issue?

Community Manager

Yes, it should all be fixed now.

The only purchase option available for me on the store page for the Legendary edition bundle is still just "Redeem a code".

Aha! Solved it! Apparently if you have previously installed the game via a physical disc and still have the old files installed, then you are unable to buy the bundle.

Oddly I could buy the digital version of the original game from the store, and the add-ons individually, just not the bundle.


Please tell me you did not buy a complete digital version when you already have a physical copy, I do and I have and I just bought the 8 digital new teams legendary edition only.

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