Here is my current work in progress 1984 Toyota Fj60:

alt text

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That's going to be my favorite Toyota in the game.

Another WIP - Nissan Navara D40 Pre Runner
alt text
Yes, the wheels are place holders 🙂

I jump between projects a lot. I decided to start actually building a truck from scratch. The aim for it is to kinda of resemble a Nissan Patrol. We will see if I ever can get around to finishing it.

alt text


20 minutes later and I have a roof

alt text

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Here is some more progress...

alt text

Some more detail stuff

alt text

Glass and other details

alt text

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Ahh, I love the 4 door of that one. d60?

It is not a D60 @RoughRider it is a Y60. I would have made the 4 door but could not find decent blueprints online. Luckily, shorty patrols are just as cool 🙂

alt text

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It's hard to have too many good options for a scout vehicle. I could definitely find a place for this one in my garage.

Waiting for the new game really has made me brush up on my modeling skills....

alt text

@Hazzard Make a drum set. We can start a band!

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Do we all play instruments? lol Fiddler man here. Bigsby looks nice btw

thanks for the awsome mods keep up the great work

@hazzard said in Hazzard 4X4 Stash:



looking good sits nicely

@Hazzard oh yes. Im a huge fan of patrols... being from the US and all.

nice, i dig the "chunkiness" of it.

looks awesome Hazz 🙂

@hazzard said in Hazzard 4X4 Stash:

Two-Tone 🙂

black and dark black or what 😄

dark grey and black i would say, but yeah black on black? lol

@Hazzard you should do a desert gold and/or blue and silver version of the Patrol, that would be so good as I have gold one with a similar setup.

The black on black looks awesome!!


I guess you would call this a more traditional Patrol colour scheme?

@hazzard nice, much preferred personally. i am diggin the look of that thing.

@Hazzard been waiting for a good patrol to hit spintires, i loved your old ones for the first game, please tell me you havent ditched this truck, do you have any release date, recent progress, it looks amazing cant wait


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