@hazzard said in Hazzard 4X4 Stash:

Two-Tone πŸ™‚

black and dark black or what πŸ˜ƒ

dark grey and black i would say, but yeah black on black? lol

@Hazzard you should do a desert gold and/or blue and silver version of the Patrol, that would be so good as I have gold one with a similar setup.

The black on black looks awesome!!


I guess you would call this a more traditional Patrol colour scheme?

@hazzard nice, much preferred personally. i am diggin the look of that thing.

@Hazzard been waiting for a good patrol to hit spintires, i loved your old ones for the first game, please tell me you havent ditched this truck, do you have any release date, recent progress, it looks amazing cant wait


@hazzard Good stuff, can’t wait as I own a GQ Myself your mod looks spot on πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

thank you admin/moderators. for removing that garbage

Yes thank you. What is wrong with ppl these days.....

Testing this thing out in the rain! Thanks to Drac and GFX for their awesome work πŸ™‚


@Hazzard the rig is looking awesome, looks like its really coming along

@Hazzard is the mod still being worked on ?

@Jonesey2625 Like the other modders I'm in semi-retirement. Probably won't release for a while.

Wooow - Nice Patrol bro - i like it! πŸ™‚