[SOLVED] [PC] Password reset not working - no reset email send by system


I've tried to reset my password by clicking the "Reset" button in the login screen.
The system tells me "an email has been sent" but I've never received anything (clicked the button multiple times).
Yes, I've checked the spam folder.

Now the login doesn't work, guess I'm stuck in the PW reset cycle.
I've already opened a ticket via http://www.focus-home.com/support/, then I realized their email answer may also not arrive, so just to be sure ...

Thanks for your help, much appreciated

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Hi, our support is usually pretty reactive. They will probably contact you to reset your password. If not, don't hesitate to poke me here.

Hi Netheos,

I'd like to take you up on your offer, so consider yourself poked.
So far I've heard nothing from support.
If they send an email I'm afraid it disappeared like the automatic emails from the system (as it is the same email address).
Would you be so kind to check with them what the status of the ticket is?
Thank you very much.

Focus Team

We can assign a new password to your BB2 player account.

Please write us directly to support@focus-home.com by providing the following information:

  • Your BB2 login.
  • The email address linked to the BB2 account.
  • A new password.
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Excellent, problem solved.
Thanks again.

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