Legendary Patchnote

Hey Coaches,

We're pleased to announce that Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Mac!

Find the full patchnote below, as well as the feature distribution between free update and Official Expansion.


  • Resurrection mode - new League option. (More info here)
  • Wissen Tournament (= Swiss Format) - new competition format. (More info here)
  • 20 new Star Players (more than 50 in total).
  • Dice overview at the end of a match.
  • New skills behaviour:
    • Kick: You can now see where the ball will land with and without the use of kick, and choose if you use the skill or not accordingly.
    • Side Step: The skill is optional in case of chain-push.
    • Grab: You can choose not to use the skill if you can crowdsurf an opponent by not using it.
  • New option to make some skills optional: Pass, Dodge, Tackle, Fend, Tentacles, Break Tackle.
  • GUI improvements
    • Option to display tooltip in dice probability.
    • FAME displayed in match.
    • Confirmation pop-up when conceding.
    • New Coach view displaying only the acquired skills.
    • New dice log option to display more details (all the modifiers).
  • Option to spend 50k gold to get a skill when hiring a mercenary.
  • Option to mute chat in a match.
  • Player card visually evolving with player's level.
  • New admin tools (ageing option in singleplayer, league blacklist, mixed AI/players league, manual seeding in competition, enhanced match administration).
  • AI/human mixed competitions.
  • League chat (PC/Mac only).
  • post-match chat.
  • You can now save & quit in a singleplayer game.
  • Free camera mode.
  • Multiplayer pause system.
  • Option to deactivate ageing in singleplayer league.
  • AI enhancement.
  • Overall game speed increased by 10%.
  • New blue Disturbing Presence visual effect when both teams have a player with that skill.
  • You can now fire a player directly from the roster page.
  • New pop-up explaining how the penalties work.
  • Tweak to the inducement system: cash spent by the overdog bringing the team below the 150k limit is given to the underdog team.
  • Cosmetic enhancements (better display of cyrilic, camera shaking when a big blitzes, new image for babes in inducements...)
  • In a match, a player can now move and pass in the same sequence.
  • Many smaller improvements.


  • Fixed: A Secret Weapon player who enters the pitch thanks to the Perfect Defence event is not expelled at the end of the drive.
  • Fixed: SideStep is not usable if the player is under BoneHead/VeryStupid or Hypnotic Gaze.
  • Fixed: A non-blitz block action with a Juggernaut player cancels the opponent Wrestle.
  • Fixed: Problem with Stunty and Mighty Blow (if you roll a 8+MB : standard Casualty roll, if you roll a 9+MB : always Badly Hurt -> it should be the contrary)
  • Fixed: The ball is desync when you try to pick up the ball and dodge the opponent in the same move if you fail the first dodge and successfully reroll it.
  • Fixed: If you plan a move+foul action but your player is followed by a Shadowing player, the foul is activated from afar and the turn of your player ends (red circle).
  • Fixed: You can now move all players with Pass Block, then intercept the ball with one of them.
  • Fixed: You can foul a player while scoring a touchdown.
  • Fixed: A player thrown during this turn doesn't have to use 3 movement points to stand up.
  • Fixed: No turnover if a troll eats the goblin holding the ball.


  • 8 new teams
    • Amazon
    • Underworld Denizens
    • Halflings
    • Goblin
    • Vampire
    • Ogre
    • Elven Union
    • Kislev
  • Eternal League (singleplayer endless campaign - more details here)
  • Challenge Mode (more info here)
  • Mixed Teams
  • 2 new cheerleader types: Orc and Dwarf
  • All-Star Teams
  • New Khemri Stadium
  • Team Editor (more info here)
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Uh no you can't quit and save in single player. Option is grayed out for me.

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@Michael-Carter said in Legendary Patchnote:

Uh no you can't quit and save in single player. Option is grayed out for me.

Was it during your turn? You can save & quit only during your turn.

Yah I figured it out....just was getting freaking frustrated cause I had a whole match of nothing but 1's rolled against retarded halfings of all things. This game can be a bit to harsh at times. The reason I was trying to save cause the game froze on the other times reply to a roll but it still had the voice going on and I could use the ESC menu but wouldn't let me save to reboot the game. So means I had to start the fight all over. Did this twice and both times the match got worse than the time before on the RNG rolls

@Michael-Carter said in Legendary Patchnote:

Yah I figured it out....just was getting freaking frustrated cause I had a whole match of nothing but 1's rolled against retarded halfings of all things.

Do you still have a replay of it, by any chance?

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Vampires Bite a Thrall function is still far from polished. I know you are aware of the bug, please do not forget. In BB1 Vamps were buggy as Hell, I hope they won't be forever Buggy doomed in BB2.... Thk You.

No patch for PS4 this week then? 😞

As announced here, it's been delayed to next week.