Is our world just a dream Azathoth?

I have heard the theory that our world is just a dream of Azathoth multiple times and it is of course a very famous presumption by Descartes, that our world is a demons dream. What do you guys think? I think it is a viable theory, but I'd rather like to think that Azathoth is an incarnation of chaos and that he ultimatly stands for the chaotic nature of the universe, which is a truely horrifying idea for humans that like to understand, catalogue and explain their universe. Therefore I would rather say he is a mere literary figure in Lovecrafts universe itself.

I always liked the theory, assuming that Azathoth's madness was so reknowned and feared that even he doesn't know what's going on.

@MiskatonicProf said in Is our world just a dream Azathoth?:

... that he ultimatly stands for the chaotic nature of the universe ...

Not only the chaotic nature of the universe, but also the center of the universie, hence the name: Nuclear Chaos. With Azathoth being the center of everything even chaos itself.

I like your theory!

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I would argue existence is an infinite nothingness. Nothingness an inability to distinguish. We find ourself able to partly distinguish time, space, ourself. We rationalize our limited understanding into a "comprehensive whole." That doesn't exclude the existence of what we can't distinguish.

Our reason, imagination, madness is not greater than an infinite nothingness. We say, dream, believe nothing beyond existence.

Azathoth must exist as all things must exist whether material or immaterial, dreamed or struck. Someday the "comprehensive whole" will crack and fail. But not today.