Two Minor Bugs in Release version

That I didn't notice in the beta.

  1. I run with BB1 camera, slightly zoomed out. After every forced camera change (injuries, TDs etc) it resets my zoom level to default. Quite annoying. Minor, but annoying.

  2. If you press escape at the end of your turn (Hit End Turn, press escape to pause it) against the AI, the game locks. You kinda catch it between side changes. Okay I could wait, hence me saying minor. Far less annoying than above (tbh I was trying to save the game for dinner)

Community Manager

Thanks for your reports.

The second one sounds like others reported before, it's very helpful to have this kind of info to reproduce the issue and fix it.

Thanks Netheos.


After a frenzy that pushed a player off the pitch I've gained a +1SPP underneath the text whenever a skill is used.
It doesn't actually give me 1SPP, it's just a bit of text that hasn't been cleared from the buffer. (I have other shots of it, but this covers it)

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