Eternal League freeze bug - caused by F12 key or Steam screenshot system? (PC)

Wanted to try the new Eternal League "campaign" and went with the "Afterlife" mixed race team. Played my first match vs Goblins.

When I tried to take a screenshot during the opponent's turn hitting F12 (Steam overlay screenshot system), the game timer froze and the client stopped playing any sound. Animations were still playing but apart from that the match was frozen.

alt text

No option to "unpause" or save the match:

alt text

Attempting to quit the game via the UI didn't work. Panel disappeared and back to the frozen match.

alt text

Attempting to concede the match crashed the client:

alt text

Full Imgur album:

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The exact same bug occurred again when I hit the spacebar. This was in the second half of my second campaign match (third match attempt).

Edit: And the bug happened again in the third match during a server freeze. Hit escape to look at the options (Save & Quit was greyed out again), after which the match froze completely. Only the effect animations kept going, in this case the Blitz symbol and some sand being blown around in the Khemri stadium. It may be that the bug only occurs if the client gets any input during a server hiccup.

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Freezed in eternal league Amazons vs Wood Elf and Amazon vs Chaos
link to log files

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Thanks for your reports.

Note that you couldn't save & quit because it was the opponent turn. You can only save when it's your turn. Not sure it would have fixed the issue though.

I got it early in my first Eternal League match (Amazons vs Goblins). Might have hit the spacebar by accident... I think I was mousing over their players while they moved. Resetting put me back to the start of the match, but since we'd only done coin toss and kickoff it was no big deal. The kickoff event wasn't the same one, so at least it was a minor test of the RNG 😉

@Netheos Had a freeze happen during a Pitch Invasion just now. When I tried to take a screenshot of it, the client crashed.

Many freezes in games in eternal league. Happens only in ennemy turn. I may have accidentally hitten space bar once, but not each time. Last time was after a short pause (escape key), about 30 seconds of pause.

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