Whole new maps in the future?

So far so good, I see that new stuff and fixes are coming in, which is really nice. You people didn't leave the game to die like many others would. I'm wondering if there will be new space hulk maps and maybe even other Chapters for one to pick for visuals. Chapter schemes would of course be a multiplayer/solo non-story mission-only feature.

No new maps planned for now, but a lot of customization is coming with the Enhanced Edition at the end of the year - we're talking hundreds of new weapon and armor models!

Ooooooohhhhh rubs hands in anticipation Looking forward to seeing what is in store.

Plenty of us love this game, do not have an issue, and have had a wonderful time with it. You likely do not see such posts but you should be aware a huge chunk of people absolutely love the atmosphere and what the team has accomplished. Congrats.

I preffer new enemies

and new Weapons like HEAVY MELTA ^^
or new variations until Enhanced Release, so we can check them out early! Cant wait to get my hands on...