Small (?) suggestion for match management

We love the new match management tools!

What would be great adition for perpetual leagues would be the capacity to re-apply the Missing Next Game status to any player that already has it when managing matches. That's not currently possible because you can't modify players that weren't in the match.

It would be a great feature as it would allow us to discourage coaches to dodge matches in order to heal their players in a way that's fair to everyone.

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Hi, thanks for your message. I added it to the community wishlist.

The current priority is to iron out the game and fix the remaining technical issues reported by players, but we'll take a look this kind of suggestion for potential future content update.

Have a nice day!

I understand why private league may want it in a form of manual editing option, but I also think something like that should be provided in a form of automatic effect as well, for leagues with MM, including COL and CCL. So in case of any unjustified concede of a match (anything except for case when you can't field more than 2 players at some point), this match wouldn't be accounted for, in terms of injuries. Thus you may concede to you heart's content, you'll never heal your team until you'll play a proper game (or a semblance of it).

Could be an optional mode for private leagues (thus 2 modes in total, Manual for what topic starter needs, and Auto), but I really think it must be enforced in COL/CCL by default.

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