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Hi there I'm doing a roster breakdown of every race and helpful hints and tactics if you are interested you can check out the first roster what is the fun Goblins one 🙂

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@Bernie-Buffon IMO the only way to go is 2 RR nuffle altar 2 trees and 10 or 11 flings
you then always pick chef and you often get 2 star players every game i played in the open with this and had 4 wins out of 5 games in 2 games the other coaches even conceded i was smashing em so well

to those 2 coaches hahaha to concede to flings LOL

vs undead types get Zara and have her stab the av 7 guys like ghouls and skeletons 🙂

oh and on tress omg NO NO NO on a double you take jump up first time every time, you do not use jump up when down to do a block, but JU stops you needing to roll to stand up, that lets you blitz from a prone position (+1 move is also the next best option)

and never take block, with a fling assist you get 3 dice block at any rate and if you take root you last action of turn use both down in your block to reset the root (and may hurt other guy at same time) with AV 10 little chance you get hurt.
if you have block you cant do this (unless they set block to ask) and the tree will be useless for the rest of half

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