Vampire issue

When you bite a thrall having moved it seems to count as a blitz.

Focus Team

Hello, did you declare a blitz with the next player to trigger the bloodlust bite?
It's a known bug in this case, it will be fixed soon but you can avoid it by using the "Bite" action in the contextual menu or by not declaring a blitz for your following action.

Yes I did declare a blitz.

Check this screenshot out. So I left my Vamp next to a thrall and then declared a blitz with my other vampire. The game got confused. 0_1504770999087_Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 17.06.04.png

Thanks for the tip!

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You can click on the bloodlusted Vamp and get him to bite. Do that before choosing the next player.

@Kejiruze Thanks yes. Easy to forget though.

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