XboxOne Eternal mode not saving progress

Hello. I am currently playing LE edition of Blood Bowl 2 on XboxOne. I'd encountered this previous to LE edition initially when playing solo leagues, but it only happened 2 or 3 times, then never again. It has now occurred three out of three times with eternal mode, with three separate teams (halfling, orc, alliance of goodness mix team).

Basically, the game works fine, it appears everything is great when I shut off the game (the last two times I made sure to check, and the games were registering properly in the competition, and the next match-up being shown was correct), then, I fire it up, and whatever competition I was in has reset to the initial state(no games recorded in the league, matchup is the first game in the competition), but all the SPP is scored to the teams, the wins are still listed in the team overview, the game(s) is(are) also recorded in the history tab for the team, just not registered with the competition. This has occurred in both the 128 team knockout and the 8 team round-robin offering at the beginning of eternal (I don't remember the specific names).

I don't know if there is some rogue script in you startup or shutdown for your game, or if it is the interactions with Microsoft's cloud storage (the likely culprit IMO) at those times (not saving properly at shutdown but registering as having saved, then reloading/overwriting from the cloud at startup) or something entirely different, but it entirely cripples my ability to enjoy the single player aspects of your game. I do play a bit of multi, but the new single player features are why I bought LE at launch.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, if there is any more information you need from me, if this is a known issue you are currently working on, and/or if there are any fixes or workarounds or the like, if I'm lucky enough for it to just be something simple on my side.

Thank you for your attention.

edit: Just looked, the previous times (pre-LE edition) the SPP was scored to all the teams in the competition (99% sure, I've since deleted the teams/leagues in question). In this instance, only my team has recorded SPPs. All the AI are fresh, 0SPP 1000TV.

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Hello, can you try to delete all your replays and check if the issue is still here?

My replays? Ok, just the two involved with the league in question, or every replay stored by the game?

nvm, I deleted all the replays via the in-game Cabal TV. It was not immediately fixed. I have exited, reloaded the game, the league in question is unchanged.

I'll fool around some more with eternal and let you know if it happens again.

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