Mercy flush asked me to post this here instead - cabalvision replays multiple bugs

Hey, I can give a report or I can just upload the video. Basically though, any automatic re-roll is currently registering like a team re-roll bluescreening and pausing the video. Ko's are registering as stuns followed by ko's and stuns and Failed sure hands, failed dodge is making the unfortunate piece invisible and even run off the pitch.

I usually make videos of replays so a fix would be welcome 😃 but I did the last video as it was and can provide it so you can see exactly what I mean. - video is here. Time stamps for glitches are not exact but I commented in the comment section.

Game also crashed on turn 16 of replay.

This is especially to developers, but anyone else who wants a bit of a laugh, some of it is pretty golden, especially skaven turn 16 😃 and eh, it's a big deal for me personally ohers may not be so effected by it, but crashing on turn 16 suggests game breaking slightly.

Note: I have not seen these glitches in a live game, only in replays.

Note 2: the video is not for self-promotion, only for evidence, if you want me to remove it after you (devs) have watched it, happy to.

Focus Team

Hello, was the match played with the LE patch or was it older?

That is something I hadn't considered. The game is older than the patch.

There was another steam-discussion in which a bugged replay turned up. Since I doubt, that the person who played this game, will post it here, I will do it. The game was:

My coach name - Silus Savage - Match / Newark Patriots vs Tree and a Halfmen.
Replay crashes in the first turn, and the SPP is completely missing from the centerline.

The discussion is here:

So, I did a video for a game that was played post patch. There were less skills so not sure it's fixed, but the bugs from the above video didn't seem to be present, it certainly didn't crash.

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