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Look what i started to revive! 🙂
1_1511373088583_20171122184141_1.jpg 0_1511373088583_20171122182545_1.jpg

Can i ask you form permission to me ( when i have succes with it??!! ) - to release this your old beauty pls? Of course with FULL CREDITS to you ... ? 😉 Or when i have succes with rameking i can send you all files so you can release it yourself 😉

No offense, but you can find these models all over GTA forums.

@skull0fd3ath Can i ask you for help bro? ( You were recomended by Hein to me 😉 )

  • i need to remake this Toyota in 3ds max - connect chassis with body into one model ... because how its made now ( chassis + 3 bodies as addon ) -then when youre driving its glitching on some terrain chassis thru body - and it looks ugly 😕 Can you do it? 😉

@stellyan, This is one of my favorite mods. Dude has the green wheels on the red truck. lol I think it looks way better with the wheels that go with the red textures.

@tattoo The mod is in green color, I changed it to red (well almost :P) the red version the wheels were grey ?

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@zidon155 i'm not really fond with working on other peoples stuff, no offence, besides I don't think bregel has said anything about wanting people to convert it for him, and even if he did give permission I still would not do it due to it being stolen from a GTA4 modder. (I'll PM proof if anyone is wanting it, because I did contact the GTA4 modder about it, and he confirmed it.)

@stellyan, This is how it suppose to look. The Blue one I did a while back for myself. 🙂

alt text

@tattoo I can't find original files for the red version . To bad we won't be able to use the other mods from Bregel in Mudrunner because all those changes Pavel did.

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@stellyan, The mod is on Oovee

@tattoo Thanks , I thought that forum is closed 😛

@SKULL0FD3ATH are you talking about this guy? ? let see, where is my build, oh here make sure you see it clearly, and stop accuse me. You better do something else like improving your modeling skill.

@bregel Sure that we know youre MASTER MODDER bro 😉 No worries 🙂

Can i ask you for permission to convert your Toyota FJ40 into MudRunner bro?

@bregel whatever you say, i'll keep quite now, I got my opinion and I'm sticking to it. 🙂