Freeze when blitzing late in a game

I have now had all models freeze after declaring a blitz late into a game in Legendary Edition. The camera can be moved, the menu can be opened and interacted with, so in most ways the game has not frozen, but the models are completely still, as is the timer, and the game is unable to be completed. This is in solo mode, eternal league, season 1 game 2 (I think it also happened on game 1, the details of the first time this happened are going to be vague I'm afraid). I'm pretty sure I was playing Pro Elves both times, and I'm pretty sure it was on turn 16 both times.

My first time posting in here, I did read the process, and provided a screenshot, not sure if anything else mentioned would be useful but if so feel free to let me know and I will do my best to help. 🙂

alt text

I had this happen early in my first Eternal League game. I restarted and the match started again. It hasn't reoccurred yet for me.

Game freezes have happened to me constantly. I'm 3 for 3 on playing Eternal League and not being able to finish a game because the UI become unresponsive. 2/3 times the entire game froze, including the opposing team. 1/3 times the game continued, but the UI would not allow me to select and move my own team. It did, however, let the clock run out on me. I let the turn clock run, hoping the next turn would be normal. It was not. The opposing team acted again, and I couldn't move again.

All three times, I could not open the options and settings to check settings or attempt to save and come back. The only recourse I have is to ALT-F4 out of the game. Even that didn't work at least once, and I had to kill the game process manually. It's really frustrating as I was really looking forward to playing solo eternal league and so far, I have yet to finish a single game.

If there are game logs I can supply, I'll gladly do so. My system specs are as follows :

CPU: Intel Core i7-5820K
GPU: Nvidia GTX 980 Ti (Drivers up to date)
SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 512GB
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 DDR4 2400 C15 4x8GB
MBD: EVGA 151-HE-E999

If I can provide more info to get this bug squashed, I'm all for it. I'd love to actually PLAY this game. 🙂

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Did you open the escape menu during the AI turn before witness the "total freeze" bug?

On the latest freeze, I could open the menu, but no selections would respond. Other times I couldn't even open the menu.

I was able to finish a game finally after forcing myself to refrain from bringing up the menu. I'm fairly certain I'm experiencing the freeze bug that is already listed as a known issue. For now, I'll refrain from bringing up the menu to hopefully finish more games until the issue is fixed in a patch.

It happens during all sorts of situations. While blitzing, throwing the ball, opening the menu, after turnovers, etc.

I kept wondering if it was because the game seems to be running in fullscreen windowed mode or the likes? I have seen instances where it does the freeze when I pop over to open a tab in chrome. I can still open menus and such in-game, it's just nothing else happening.

That's possible causes of my issues as well. I tab out of the game, pause for a moment to answer the phone, ect. So the one game I stayed within the game and did not pause in any way or tab out, finished successfully. Unfortunately, I can't nail it down to a specific event that causes it to happen every single time. I can't seem to force the bug to reproduce, so it must be situational.

I also experienced a game freeze on eternal. The timer stopped , all the animation froze but my cursor was still available . I could see it highlighting square with a white square but as it was the opponent turn i could do nothing. I had to crash the game in the end

I'm a new member and I just bought the legendary edition on Xbox1 and now I have all 24 teams and all the colored jerseys so I hope you guys fix these serious problems freezing and and invisible elf bodys soon!!, I paid alot for all colored jerseys on xbox 1. I didn't expect to hear about invisible bodys and game freezing😠😠.

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