Eternal League AI Teams - Skills not calculed into team value

Beastman on my team : Horns / Block = 80k
Beastman on AI team: Horns / Claws / Block / Extra Arms / Mighty Blow / Tackle = 60k



Having the same issue here on Xbox1. Just played an Ogre team with 4 level 4 ogres, all worth 140k.

Same Problem here on PC Steam. Just finished Chaos Cup and went forward to the Qualification for Blood Bowl. The Game calculated new Teams for the Tournament with false Handicap. So i have to play vs Teams with lower Handicap but the teams are way stronger than that, think instead of about 1500 TR they have a TR about 2000. Pictures of the league the next opponents roster and a sample other team uploaded. The whole league teams have this issues.
0_1504775385805_league game.jpg 0_1504775395899_opponent roster.jpg 0_1504775430834_wrong handicap.jpg

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Thanks for your detailed reports. We'll investigate on this to fix it as soon as possible.

Same here on PC.
Regular chaos dwarf team, with allready spp when entering eternal (used a team playeded before update to legendary)
My first game was hard as fuck, but normal with many uncounted skills, wich allowed team to have 8 rerolls and havin' still less point, so they can recruit a additionnal champion star player!
I figured that by watching the team of my next game, still 8 rerolls and many skills on every player.
Appears to be every IA team on the autumn cup presenting this bug.

2 examples joined



Some more info : same happens creating a new eternal league with another team with 1500 TR. New teams are created with free skills.
But skills gained by AI teams during a competition are well counted : there is an example of a team day 7/7 from automn cup on an eternal league created with a virgin new team. The level 2 skeletton has a correct value.


Check out this 1660 team lol. alt text

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