[PC] No SPPs after game validation


I try a little league with a lot of AI (5 out of 6) - wanna try some things to see how it works, with a round-robin competition.
I played the first game then proceeded to validate all game of round 1, game by game.
My players ended with no SPPs, my Yeti, supposed to be injured for the next game, is healthy, no gold gain. Same for my IA opponent. I noticed that players have their stats (TD, MVP, CS) into their historic data.
The other AI teams (which play against each other in full AI matches) have their SPPs.

Focus Team

Hello, was it a competition in Resurrection mode?

Thanks for the answer.
yes, the Resurrection is activated for the competition.
Is that normal that AI teams keep their SPPs in that format then ?

Focus Team

No, it's a bug we're working on.
Thanks for the report and the confirmation 🙂

Thanks for the answers !

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