[BUG] Eternal league not progressing.

Ok so i ran into a rather annoying bug today. My team finished the first competition (NAF Autum League) After wich i got a ticket for the Chaos Cup. The problem was i could not progress the Season to Winter so i signed up for the only league that made sense to me wich was the Spike Magazine Tournament.

Now i was registered to the Spike Magazine Tournament yet i could not play a game because that Season was apparently over aswell.

I had to quit out of the Competition and forfeit my 10 Cyans (really annoying) at wich point the game finally decided to progress the Season to Winter so i could finally sign up to the Chaos Cup.

Please fix this.

Also how do i get my Cyans back? Seeing as we are supposed to pay for Cyans i'm not really willing to let these go because of a bug.

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Same problem, except didn't get ticket for Chaos Cup (even though I placed first on the leaderboard). I tried registering for the Outcast Cup, got an error message. Tried to register for NAF Autumn League, got an error message as well.

I did get the "Competitor" achievement after playing the 7th game in the Autumn League.

Seems when I registered again for Autumn League, new teams got added, although the schedule is still for the old teams. Don't have the option to quit the competition either.

Same thing happened to me. Played the NAF Autumn League with a new Goblin team. I finished first, didn't receive a ticket for the Chaos Cup. I decided to enter the Spike Magazine Tournament as it was the only competition that was available to me. Paid my 10 Cyans and received some kind of error message (can't remember what it said) after paying the Cyans and having them deducted from my account. The Spike Magazine Tournament seems to be in progress or over and I can't progress. Also there are now 5/4 teams, with me being the 5th team I guess with no opposition to play. Pretty annoying.

Update: Several reports of this on the Steam forums as well.

It's a known issue, but is there a workaround?

Focus Team

Hello, we've identified the bug (it can happens if the AI in the Spike Tournament has too much draw) and planning a fix as soon as possible (no ETA yet).

@Periclitor can you send me a PM with your account name/platform played please? I can do something for your cyans.

Sorry everyone for the inconvenience

@Focus_Guillaume Will this fix be retroactive? As in I can continue winter or do I have to quit the league and start over with autumn?

Focus Team

Unfortunately It will not be retroactive so it will be better to start a whole new eternal league once the patch will be live

@Focus_Guillaume Too bad, but thanks for the quick answer.

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