Difficulty Setting Differences For Single Player

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Has anyone noticed what the difference is between the difficulty settings. Is it better to play a single player match on Normal or Hard. In Blood Bowl 1 the computer AI made less riskier moves on the Hard setting which meant less pass plays but on Normal it passed the ball more making the matches more challenging. Is it like that in Blood Bowl 2?

I'm going to start playing on the Normal setting but if anyone has any recommendations or observations I would greatly appreciate it.



My observation in previous game was that the only real difference between difficulties was how much upper hand AI gets. I.e. it usually had much more skilled players in their teams than I did, don't think I played as overdog against him a lot. And yet, he wasn't any real challenge most of the time, due to absolutely stupid moves and (most of the time) total ignorance in fields like formations and ball handlings.

So far, trying AI matches in BB2, I don't see much progress. For example, playing with Undeads recently, he was for real trying to put one of his mummies at the center of his field (most likely so that it would catch a ball; and it was really just hanging out there while we had a brawl at LOS), while putting everything else at LOS (including the other mummy). The other time he used both mummies at LOS, at least. Then there was a moment, when at the end of the match he could score, but suddenly he started just bashing me, and even used ballcarrier for it (who was already around my endzone). So it seems it vaguely understands what he is doing. Sometimes he just don't pay enough attention to the ball, and go bash my lineman at the other side of the field (perhaps confusing him for a receiver?), with 3-4 of his guys, while rest of my team makes their way to his endzone.

I didn't expect any better, though. If I would have been bored to death and decided to play with AI, I would go with "Hard", to see some semblance of challenge.

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I've played the AI on hard and it is awful! Don't know if medium will be any better!!

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