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Hello, im not sure this is a bug but wanted to post it just to be sure, 2 times now I've finished games with 2 different teams in eternal league mode, even though I won on both matches I didnt receive the option to reroll on the money at the end of the match. I know that if you draw or lose you cant reroll but is there any reason why after a win I didnt receive this option or is it a bug (both of the times at the end of the match I was only shown the resume window with the scores and MVP's for both teams and just that)

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Hello, what kind of team did you use?
Custom team? mixed team?

I'm still trying to reproduce the bug, but nothing so far

@Focus_Guillaume Hello, both were on normal teams, no custom or mixed, one was with my goblin team, the other time to be honest I don't remember, I think it was Kislev, and it seemed pretty random, happened both times on the same game session and it hasnt happened again.

It happened again, this time I can confirm it was on my Kislev team, this was the screen I was shown after finishing the game. Even though I won I didnt get a chance to reroll for money.


I've had this bug happen when using a mixed team. I believe it's caused by pressing the ESC key to skip the cinematic at the end of the match as since I've stopped doing this I've never had the bug.

@Teasey I suspect the same thing but so far I haven't confirmed it (havent played in the last days).

I've had this happen a couple of times. It's way less often with LE than it was in the past. It also seems to happen more often if you have loners on your team, it just skips the whole buying of loners and winnings screens. Before LE, about 60% of the games would skip the post-match sequence.

So I have an update here, played a match with my goblin team, won 2-0, watched the full cinematic at the end of the match as Teasey suggested and still I didnt have a chance to reroll for money. I had no mercenaries in my team as JohnnyFeyev said. Apparently this pattern is happening with my goblin and kislev team as it has happened twice with each and not with the rest of my teams so maybe it has something to do with the teams?

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Are you sure you're not playing in the "Franken Cup" that is set in Resurrection mode?

@Focus_Guillaume Nope, both teams are playing the NAF Autumn League (I think that's the name) on eternal league and today it happened again with my Vampire team (1st match of NAF Autumn, watched full ending cinematic, no mercs).

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I manage to got it with a vampire team but it seems pretty random.
We'll try to find a better reproduction but currently it's a bit obscure.

@Focus_Guillaume It happens almost every game if you have the animations completely off. It did it alot before LE, and has carried over to LE.

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Did you notice the bug also in multiplayer?

@Focus_Guillaume I've never seen it skip post match sequence ever in multiplayer. However, after several games today against the AI, it seems that if you roll a 6 for winnings, it skips the post match sequence every time. Money, I don't really care about, but it also skips the chance to "buy" rotters and buy loners and such.

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Are you playing in English or in another language?

@Focus_Guillaume Is there another language other than English? Sorry, my ugly American is showing 🙂

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Ok, unfortunately I've manage to get the 6 different winning so it's not a matter of what was the gold roll...

Hmmm... may have to start paying attention to the play leading directly up to the end of the game. Maybe something there triggers it. Like scoring on T16 or maybe it rolls for KOs after a T16 score instead of going to post match sequence. I'm playing mostly Amazons and Pro Elfs, so I generally have a ton of KOs by the end of a game.

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