Bombardier, hail mary pass and pass (possible bug)

I was playing around with gobbos , looking at different skill combinations and seeing how they work in single player. Tried bombardier with hail mary pass and I noticed, that if I targeted a player with it, the game would take a minute or so for the action to be completed (happened twice). I then ran hail mary with the passing skill, and when I targeted another playe,r the action never occurred and the game was stuck at that point. This was on the an xbox version of the game, and to be fair, for the earlier instances with just hail mary pass, I am not 100% sure I targeted a player when the issue occurred.

Focus Team

Hello, do you remember the meteo during the infinite stuck?
There's currently an issue with Blizzard, you're not supposed to be able to use Hail Mary Pass but the game let you Hail Mary Bomb, and it blocks the game.

As best I can recollect the weather may have started as a blizzard, but then switched to nice on the kickoff. The player that I targeted was the bombardier star player (bomber dribblesnot?)

I have attempted to duplicate the bug. In nice weather, if I target a player, it will just take a little longer to complete the action. the infinite stuck situation may be related to the game initially starting as a blizzard, I have yet to be able to replicate that. I also haven't tried targeting the star bombardier, so that could be part of the issue as well.

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