Chainsaw rule

Quick question regarding the chainsaw.

The AI oppo attacked me did a one , fails it loner RR, and rolled double 1
Is it normal that he still standing ? Is he not supposed to be stunned on the floor at least ? 0_1504783300476_chainsaw.jpg
I never had that when i played BB1 . The chainsaw was always down once he rolled 1 and fail the RR

After failing his Chainsaw Roll on a 1 (failed Loner), the Chainsaw then hits it's own player and rolls armour. The double 1 +3 for Chainsaw was not enough to break armour, so the player stays up. No turnover.

It's just like when the chainsaw rolls to break an opponents armour, if the roll is too low the opposing player doesnt fall over.

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Fair enough. I just never encounter that situation before. For some reason i always thought it was an automatic armor break on a 1 on the chainsaw guy. Thks for the quick reply

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@dragonloup Haha, yeah, I guess a +3 on armor 7 doesn't fail very often!

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