major performance issues since launch on a rig that really should eat this game up.

Hey folks,

I7 3770k, GTX 1070, 32gb ddr3, SSD's, Gigabyte G1 sniper mobo... on a sesame seed bun lol.
Drivers are always upto date, windows 10 home is a legit version, I don't use Nvidia GeForce experience to optimize my games as its been wrong in the past, I keep a clean SSD, and make sure my fans are clean, and I checked the thermal paste a few weeks ago.

If you guys have been reading the steam forums, I'm one of the loud ones complaining about massive fps drops in combat regardless of the graphics settings and resolution. I'll admit, I've been loud because of trolls continually trying to shut me up.

Basically whenever I'm in a combat scenario, it would drop from a comfortable 60 fps way down to sometimes below 20.

This rig runs beautifully, Gears 4 in ultra, Deus Ex Mankind Devided, just had a game of Mass Effect Andromeda and it ran beautifully in ultra, Ghost Recon Wildlands (mostly ultra being honest but still looks good) with a mostly comfortable 60 fps.

Unfortunately I've been trolled by the devoted 40k fanbase for lying yet I've provided proof in the form of a youtube video, as others have with the same problem.

Some have even suggested that its the UE4 engine... sorry but if Gears 4 runs beautifully on this, with no hang ups at all, in ultra, at 60 fps (my Samsung tv is my monitor through HDMI through my amp for 5.1).

Every time a patch is released for this game I reinstall it, try the patch out in a new campaign (just to make sure that the older save wouldn't somehow get in the way), but every time the exact same problem rears its head in combat. Don't even get me started on the horde at the end of level 1.

Your game looks and sounds absolutely beautiful, the atmosphere absolutely stunning, for when it works and is stable I do actually feel like a Terminator Marine stomping around the hulk, then combat happens and it all comes crashing down.

Here is a link to my youtube video showing the problems. FPS counter is in the top right and is easier to see at full screen..
Yes it was filmed in February but as stated above, the exact same problems (fps drops) happen in combat over and over. Even after recent patches. The best example of the fps drops are at the horde near the end of the video, don't worry its not that long.

While this isn't a very happy steam thread, one of your PR guys or Devs basically told me it should run on my rig no problems.

FCS_Melodie [developer] 24 Feb @ 3:51am
Hello Sgt Snoke Em,

I'm very sorry to hear that, despite the beta patch, you stil cannot run the game properly. I've been reading as much feedback on the steam hub as possible and I've seen you posting on every topic looking for a solution and trying everything you can.

Your rig should definitly grant you the best possible performance out of this game, yet it doesn't... And I see changing your graphic settings doesn't improve your perfs which is more than odd.

Have you tried unlocking your framerate? Here's how you can do it:

In the meantime, we'll keep investigating your issue to find a solution.


Thats the quote from this forum...

I imagine there are a few differences between the engines, but if it was my rig or the UE4 engine wouldn't I have problems with this?
Youtube Video

I won't lie, I have been on steams back for a refund, since that doesn't seem like its going to happen, would you please fix your game. Your guys have stated that they're working on the console version now, I'm guessing you can imagine how some of your players who have genuine performance issues with this game when they shouldn't, feel left aside for profits, or someone just doesn't want to do extra bug testing work, or is passing the blame, trust me I've about heard it all.

Tried reinstalling windows 10, tried disabling avg, tried to verify the game countless times, basically I've tried pretty much everything short of overclocking.

Here is the store page, it seems my rig beats out your recommended specs...

or if you don't want to click on links...

OS: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i7-3770/AMD FX-8350
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 4GB/AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 40 GB available space

Once again my rig...
OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core I7-3770k
Memory 32gb ddr3 ram.
Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1070 8GB
DirectX: Version 11/12 depends on the game of course.
and the rest is just copy and paste really.

Please fix this game. I remember playing Space Hulk as a kid on my parents 386 back in the day and have fond memories of it.
I was hoping that after at least 6 months I would be able to play this game properly as intended with hardware that by your companies own words I should be able to run in a stable fashion.

But its been 6 months (well more if I'm being picky) and I and a select group of others (with rigs stronger and weaker than mine) have reported the same issue.

Please get on it.

Thank you for reading

Edit: recorded a new video of the fps drops, I'll upload now. It may take awhile as the connection here isn't that fast.

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Youtube Video

Newer video, currant version of the game, graphics are all the way up because as before whether its on high, low, ultra, 720p whatever it will perform the same way.

Clearer FPS counter at the top right, newer mic, and pardon the voice for when I do eventually talk, I'm suffering from a cold atm.

Thanks for reading and watching if you do.
This guy I think just pointed out whats going on in your game.
You seriously need to get on top of this before the console people figure out whats going on or they'll be the ones that kill the game financially.

Because this was recorded at launch and I believe this is EXACTLY what is going on...
Youtube Video

Hey guys, its now the 6th of September.... no performance fix.....

I'm officially stating here that if they game is released on console, and it works, yet my rig with no problems at all with it, drivers are up-to date, EVERYTHING installed on here is legal and legitimate, it beats the recommended settings...

I7 3770k, GTX 1070, 32gb ddr3 ram, ssd's, 750w psu... still experiences fps drops by MORE THAN HALF in combat regardless of the graphics settings yet more modern and resource heavy games JUST DON'T DO THAT ON MY RIG,

than I will be seeking my money back by any legal means necessary, even if that means going straight to you guys.

YOU have sold me a broken product, YOU have promised me and other users (more than you want to admit I'll bet and from what I see on STEAM FORUMS) a fix that HASN'T MATERIALISED, YOU have decided that content is more important then getting a broken product working.

A story...
Payday 2. It came out on consoles awhile ago. I got it on Xbone. I couldn't play it online with others (outside of my friends list) for MONTHS AFTER LAUNCH! which is a problem for any online only shooter. They eventually fixed it for ps4 and xbox one, but the damage had already been done.

Its damn near IMPOSSIBLE to get a match going on that with randoms, NO ONE that I can see seems to be playing it at all. DLC was drip fed to console owners. Once I found out how behind the PC version the console version was I just stopped playing entirely. The only reason I load up Payday 2 on xbox one now is for friends who rarely play it, and that's only if the bag me to load it on console as they need a 4th. Overkill are just lucky I preordered through Xbox Live instead of getting a physical copy. I remember seeing an absolute s*&t load of second hand copies of payday 2 console on sale not long after release. Wonder why?

Load up Payday 2 on Steam however.... COMPLETELY different story.

This is already happening to your game and I'm sorry but you can't rely on the one sided arguments (alternate facts) of the 40k faithful forever.

as of the 6th of September, 9:27pm South Australian time only 26 people are playing....
You need to fix your product, and I don't mean a fancy new gun.

You need to get this game working, because if you don't and its launched broken on console, they'll eat you guys alive, and it'll be your own fault...

This isn't meant to be an angry letter, its meant to wake you guys up to the damage done.

I almost purchased Surge, noticed you guys published it, remembered Deathwing and the fact that despite my rig easily topping the recommended requirements I still get MASSIVE FPS DROPS IN COMBAT BY MORE THAN HALF MY FRAMES, then deleted Surge from my cart in Steam, and got Sonic Mania instead. 100% true story.

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Sooo.... its the 20th of December.....






Because this is happening on the Steam Forum...

The one people WILL see before they see this forum...

Because that's the forums I look at first before I purchase games...







We're happy to wait, even if its a vague waiting time, but c'mon guys we need some info on what the hell is going on.

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I agree, the game is kind of unplayable in most of battles due to FPS drop, even with a super computer ! Please fix this !!

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Seriously, this is by far the most pressing issue devs need to be focused on.



@sgt-snoke-em No way, dude! That is awesome! I literally just finished downloading the Enhanced Edition after formerly rage-quitting and rage-uninstalling. I am really stoked to give it another try now. I'll let you know how it goes!