DP Merc Bug

If you try to foul with the mercenary player with DP skill - there is no such posobility to do so. The game just freeze.

Youtube Video

If you leave the game and reconect, you can see that the player just moved close bud did nothing.

Focus Team

I can't reproduce the bug on my side, can you reproduce it and send the files located in Documents\BloodBowl2 please? (the game00.log, management.log and replay file)

You can send them to guillaumedc@focus-home.com
Thanks for the report!

Thank you. I sent the files to the specified address.
In any case, the results of the tests in a friendly match. The problem only occurs if is a mercenary with DP. Mercenary without skill, a mercenary with a different skill, a normal player with DP do not lead to this problem.

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