Hey Coaches,

Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition launches two days ago and we are very happy to see so many of you enjoying it - you're almost as many to bash, score and throw teammates, as right after the initial launch of Blood Bowl 2!

We're also delighted to announce that we've just reached the 10 millionth touchdown scored in Blood Bowl 2! Thanks again to all of you - we would have never reached this milestone without your enthusiasm and incredible commitment to the game!


Post-Launch Support

We're aware that the recent launch has also introduced some new technical issues. We're reading your feedback and reports on our forum, Steam Hub and social networks and we're working hard to fix these issues as quickly as possible.

We're planning an initial hotfix early next week to fix four urgent issues:

  • A bug can prevent a new season from happening in the Eternal League.
  • 4 High Elf logos are missing: teams using these logos have invisible players (except the head).
  • [MAC only] The text displayed could be altered or even unreadable.
  • The game can freeze entirely against AI when using a specific interaction with the escape key.

And we're already working on an update for bug fixes. We'll dedicate the next few weeks to fixing as many issues as possible, before building a new version that includes fixes and releasing it. Our current target release for the first major bug fixing update is early October.

Your continuous feedback in the coming weeks will be incredibly helpful for us to test and reproduce any problem you might have encountered - please keep posting your feedback!


Champion Ladder Season 9?

Based on the plans presented above, we have a decision to make concerning the Champion Ladder, our official competitive ladder.

Many of you have asked when the Champion Ladder Season 9 will open, we have two options for this competition and we'd like to have your opinion!

You'll find a poll below between 2 options:

  • Starting Tuesday 12th a Champion Ladder Season 9 without money on the line. Only Cyans. Prize pool with actual money would come back in season 11, in 6 weeks.
  • Wait for the first major bug fix update to start Champion Ladder Season 9, with a prize pool.

This poll is a tool for us to gather your feedback about this topic and see if there is a vast preference for a specific option. Keep in mind that it's only a poll, it doesn't mean we'll necessarily go with the most upvoted option.

End of the poll: Monday 11th September

Have fun on the pitch,

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