[PC] missing teams in eternal league

I started a lot of eternal leagues, and some teams seem to never be picked for the AI teams roster, which is a shame.

The teams never generated are : Bretonnia, Chaos Dwarf, Vampire, Kislev and Underworld Denizens.

BTW, AI Necromantic and mixed teams have no diversity in players and always buy the same skins.

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same in my running league actually spring season PC Version

Same thing here and it really sucks, the point of having so many teams is diversity in the games right? Anyway, confirming this issue, the teams mentioned are not generated in eternal league.

Any word from devs on this bug?

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It's a known issue, although lower priority than other pretty urgent issues. Thanks for the feedback, it always points out elements of the game that need to be tested.

@Netheos thanks for the reply, I know its not a deal breaker but is this something you are planning to adress for the patch coming on october or later down the road? I ask because when it's fixed I'll restart my eternal leagues so I have competitions with all the teams and want to know if I should hold some of my eternal leagues (I play with a lot of teams) so the different team efforts don't go to waste or just go all out XD

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I doubt it will make it in the next bug fix update. I'll ask.

Well, I certainly won't play until this is fixed. I do buy teams to enjoy playing against them in league. I'm sad that you consider this issue as "low priority".

@Drenghbar You do not have to buy any team to play AGAINST it, though.

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Actually I just wrote a first draft of the patch note of the upcoming bug fix update, early October.

The AI will now also picks Bretonnia, Chaos Dwarf, Vampire, Kislev and Underworld teams.

Good to know. Who doesn't want to face more Chaos Dwarves? Haha.

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