[Bug Report] AI teams in eternal league

I decided to play my team of wood elves in the eternal league and that's what I saw:
what is clear that the value of players didn't increase from additional skills and additional stats. This happens every time if an experienced or "special"(if you added some skills or stats) team goes to the eternal league.I hope this will be fixed.

And not take until OCT to patch it as I heard some one said on steam. How the hell do you release a game with such a major bug and than say it will be a month before we fix ti? Shouldn't this had been found out and fixed in BETA?

If I remember correctly, Eternal League wasn't featured in BETA. Only standard solo leagues.
But I agree, it's a pretty major issue !

Community Manager

Hi, thanks for your report.

It's a known issue. The TV of the AI teams is wrong but is properly updated once one of their player levels up. We're working on a fix for a future bug fix update.

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