Howl Out Thread!

Just wanted to say I'm looking forward to this game a LOT, I'm a huge werewolf fan and gamer for a long time and have been desperately wanting a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game for the longest time (previously two failed attempts, though third time is the charm!).

Thanks for keeping my dream alive ^..^

Let's here from all the other werewolf fans!

First time I played Werewolf was on a camping trip, roleplaying in front of a fire without any knowledge of the game and no books on hand. Since that time over twenty years ago I've been enamored with the world and themes. Arooo!

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So looking forward to this game!

Hello all!
I am a long time World of Darkness and especially Vampire the Masquerade fan, and even if I read of the infamous Lupines, I never played Werewolf the Apocalypse. Maybe I'll have the occasion to play the pen and paper RPG before this games is out, but if not, I can't wait to be initiated to Werefolf by what I hope will be an amazing game!


And if you are looking for people to help you do this thing, I'm a graduate in computer games design looking for work! 😃


Hoowhoo!!! 🐺 🌖

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Howloooo from Brasil my friends 🐺

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Really glad you're all so excited for Werewolf: The Apocalypse!

I'm pretty excited for it too 😃

Awroooooh my dear packmates 🙂

I'm so excited for this game. Since I am a huge werewolf fan I love the WoD setting so much, and I am really looking forward to this game.

Greetings from Germany

Greetings fellow Garou! I'm a longtime fan of Werewolf: The Apocalypse and have been excited for this game ever since it was announced. Looking forward to watching it take shape(shift) in the coming months! 🐺 🌕


the games with decent werewolf transformations are so rare, i'm really happy that this game is happening! 😃

Super stoked! One of my favorite settings of all time! Hope that it'll catch the mix between constant brutality in the world, with a fragile spiritual world behind/ in between it.


I first played W:tA in 1993 using the 1st Edition books and have been a fan of the game ever since. (Go Glass Walkers, and Bastet!)
I know that the game's settings and mechanics will deviate from what I am used to, but I hope that its spirit comes through loud and clear.
Though I tabletop and LARP, I'm actually not really a video game player, so I hope that this will give me a good reason to play some video games. 😉

Huge fan of the property. This is my most anticipated video game at the moment. Hope Cyanide knocks it out of the park!

Greetings from Germany!
I played VtM and VrR and now I created a mixture of WtA, WtF and Changing Breeds to create my own Lycan Species. So it's my first time playing a Werewolf. I'm looking forward to play this game and to dive deeper in this part of the WoD.
I hope I do not sound like Yoda 😂

Likewise, I'm really excited about this. I've been playing Werewolf since the early 2000's. I can't claim to have been there since the beginning, but around 15 years nonetheless, and I am extremely excited about this. Ever since Heart of Gaia was promised, but failed to come out, and then the talks of a World of Darkness MMORPG that fell through, people have been fearful this will be the fate for this game as well...

I remain hopeful, since the game is in some very respectable and good hands, that we're gonna have one heck of a game to play.

I also hope that the Devs will look to the community of gamers for ideas, story stuff, background, and other stuff... for a game that has always been about the communal story, it would be awesome to have the devout Werewolf player community get a chance to contribute!

Thanks for making this game happen!

Greetings from Italy!
I am a Werewolf the Apocalypse storyteller since 1993 and a big fan of video games so I'm very excited about this game.
I still remember the disappointment for the erasure of Werewolf: The Apocalypse - The Heart of Gaia ( closed down on January 7, 2000 ) 😞


I've been waiting for a long time (17 years), but finally I can play a real videogame from Werewol the Apocalypse 🙂

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Very long time Werewolf fan here too (Glasswalkers are my fav). I even bought a brand new computer when Heart of Gaia's release date was announced.

Wasn't my brightest move.

However, very much looking forward to finally getting a CRPG of it. Interesting system mechanics so far with how Rage works in the reviews. Excited!

Arrroooo! Greetings fellow Garou! Very hyped for this game. New WtA fan though sadly never played... Very much hoping this game turns out awesome! And a shout-out to Heart of Gaia!

I know you of the Lupine nature don't like my kind here but master Beckett has shown me if I wish to learn of my affliction, I must know those close to it. I walk a path of understanding, wishing to live with my beast just as you live with your rage. I will support efforts of you to become what you are going to become, and I hope in kind if another game of Kindred comes around you will return the favor.

Good evening.

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