Eternal League - Cannot join a new competition

I completed my first competition/season the other day, and logged out. Not it won't let me join a new one with my team. It says 'This action cannot be processed on the competition'. I've literally tried to join all the competitions now that haven't been grayed out.

Technically it says its autumn still, despite completing an autumn competition already. I had assumed i'd need to join a winter one but the 'Register' button for those is grayed out. Only the autumn ones are not grayed out, but they come up with the above 'cannot be processed' message.

I even tried to join one that cost 10 cyans. Stupidly i tried it twice (as i tried join each competition that wasnt grayed out twice). It took my 20 Cyans but still didn't let me join. Any help? Have i hit a bug? Is that it for my new team? No-one else having this problem that can help?

Focus Team

Hello it's a known bug that should be fixed soon, unfortunately the fix is not retroactive so you'll have to start a new eternal league once the fix goes live (expect a few days).

For your 20 cyans, can you send me a private message with your coach name and the platform played please?

Ok, thanks for prompt feedback/support Guillaume.

I am private messaging you as well. Noted the same issue. A little annoying this wasn't found and fixed before the game was released.

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