Solo (Offline) Leagues - AI Races


One thing that I feel would be a beneficial addition is the ability to select the races of the AI teams when creating a Solo League.

Currently, the AI teams seem to be random. If, for example, I create a 24-team league, I may want one team from every race. Instead, it will likely generate multiple teams from some races, and none from others. Conversely, I may not want to play against a certain race, but there is currently no sure-fire way to avoid a team of that race being assigned to the AI.

For an online league, when adding an AI team, you can specify the race of the team. I think it would be good if you were able to do the same for offline leagues.

l like that option as well🙂👍👍 considering I'm a newbie and the fact that I have all the colored jerseys for all 24 teams on Xbox 1 I'm really not into online multiplayer there are to many modd cheaters to ruin the game.
True fact!!!

Didnt notice this post. Sorry to make a new topic. Agree with this

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