Is there a manual or user guide?

I've run through the tutorial, but that still doesn't explain everything I see on the screen or the various abilities. I just would really like to learn how to play the game.

What do you wanna know?

What dont you understand?! Just ask ^^

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I can tell you what I need to better understand, what all the key binds mean and do?

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I can tell you what I need to better understand, what all the key binds mean and do?

Which one?

all of the non obvious ones specific to this game.

@themasterblaster said in Is there a manual or user guide?:

all of the non obvious ones specific to this game.


then " specify " it!
Classes, skills Weapons. Everything is written down in the Armory Ingame. One cant help you if you tell what exactly yyou dont Understand ^^

OK, start here
Select terminator
Select terminator 2
Select all terminators
Psyslot 1
Psyslot 2
Psyslot 3

@themasterblaster said in Is there a manual or user guide?:

OK, start here
Select terminator
Select terminator 2
Select all terminators
Psyslot 1
Psyslot 2
Psyslot 3


Controls in Option Menu and have a look. If that is not to your liking, you can " map" your buttons how you want. Thats what i did ^^ i have my left arm on LMB and right Arm on RMB aswell as blocking and Psyslot. Much easier that way 😉

And you can CHILL OUT!

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You seem to be the one with the attitude.
Maybe someone else can help me.
I need to know what these do? I know how to bind them.

@themasterblaster said in Is there a manual or user guide?:

You seem to be the one with the attitude.
Maybe someone else can help me.
I need to know what these do? I know how to bind them.

" My " attitude. lol
Jeez i wanna help you, but you cannot say what do you need to know. You know that other people READ THIS ASWELL, and now your bitching around...!

Nonetheless I^ll help you out hahaha
This will help you in Campaign Gameplay and Multiplayer. But i think you will play Campaign first anyways. MP is no differnet to Campaign when it comes to Skills and Weapon behaviour. You will have the most fun Online with other Brothers, since you can choose all the Classes there are. You will only encounter 2 Classes in Singleplayer.

*Keyboard & Wheel
Okay there are Orders for your 2 Teammates (Barachiel-Devastator, Nahum-Apothecary).
You can give them Orders with "Orderwheel" or directly through one of your shortcuts on your Keyboard.
I suggest not using Keyboard.

  • Look at a Door and use Spacebar for telling them to close or Open it. Mainly you will close the doors, for denying rearflanks from the buggers. When the farthest behind of your Squad(normally Barachiel) is " sealing" the doors, you can clear the room in front of you.

Only use the Wheel and ask for Healing from Nahum, dont use the keyboard. With the wheel you can tell Nahum who to heal.
Just let your Brothers stay with you at all times.

In the beginning you have only 1 skill. When you do Missions you rank up, aswell as finding " Relics ". They are spread out throughout the Map. Always 4-6 Relics per " Chapter ". Guides are Online if you dont want to put time and effort into it. BUT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. The Maps are Handcrafted and look damn awesome ^^ so i HIGHLY suggest, travelling around and enjoy the Space Hulk.

So when you rank up as the Librarian(you), you can get acces to different Skill-Trees. The one on the bottom is mainly for yourself, as you unlock different and more powerful Psykes. You can have 3 of these. Depending on your Difficulty and Achievement hunting, i suggest having at least the first 3 skills at hand. The rest is up to you. If you play it for the first time, try to get Vortex ability for Librarian. It IS EPIC.
The other skill tress give you hardenend Brothers, so they can take more of a beating. Also you can have acces to more Weapons for your Brothers.
*Apothecary Nahum(stay with standard loadout!)
*Devastator Barachiel(take Thunderhammer) it wipes whole groups of enemies and is damn good against Broodlords, Scythes (Bosses) etc, due to Armor Pen.

As it is one of my most favourite Class. I suggest playing to his strentgh, namely using sword and Bolter in the beginning and changing to an Axe later, since it will give you Cooldown reduction. Your a Scifi Warlock so to say 😉
Hes really good at being Support and Crowd Control(could be better though).
Get at least the Spontaenous Combustion skill, since it will wipe out whole Groups of enemies in a blink of an eye. Even on later Chapters!

Well, its blocking... (hold the button when somoene tries to hit you, or get an counter hit off(light attack) the moment you see them swinging at you.

Most important GENERAL RULE: MIX your COMBAT UP.
Shoot the damn bugs when in range and use melee when they are close. Some of them will block EVERY Hit you make. If thats the case, shoot the fucker! No way you can hit them, trust me. They block everything and the rest of the Nids will flank and overrun you(not good)
*Get Key mapping which you are comfortable with. It can get hairy in an instant and you need to know what button does what.
*know your Melee Range. It depends on the Weapon.

  • Zoom ( gives you practically none Recoil when using standard Bolters which is excellent for Range) and Thermal sight aswell. Aways hit that Head

My Keybindings:
LMB- left Arm
RMB- right Arm
M3- Block
M4- Skill 2(Psyslot)
M5- Skill 3 "

Q- Skill 1
Alt left- Zoom
Spacebar- Orderwheel
i- Inventory (usable in Multiplayer. but not available when playing " Codex Rules ") you can change Weapons
Ingame there.
O- Psygate (when your Teammates died and you cant revive them due to no Healing Charge left or both Brothers
down, you can Teleport into your Armory through Psygate. You have an delay, so watch it!
Y- Squad Chat

Special Missions

You can play it alone with Ai or with Brothers. It will bring you back to the Space Hulk and the Chapters, but with different Missions than you have had before and youll have a completely different and random starting point. After completing one of the Missions you can Teleport through a Psygate close to the graduated mission. It will bring you into Armory and heal you up. Change your Weapon there or go back directly into the Gate to do more killing.
I highly suggest playing these with other Players and after you completed the Story.

Multiplayer/ Special Missions-Multiplayer
Highly Recommend it
Same as Campaign, only difference is that you have more Classes to choose from. You will experience the same Missions as in Singleplayer Campaign. Maybe you check some of them out first playing Online, so you can get a feel for it.

Weapon Suggestion
*Thunderhammer( EPIIICCCC) the sound alone. In Multiplayer the Thunder sound is better than Singlelpayer, youll see ;-))

Yeah ask if you need to know more!


Ps. You can hop into my Game if you see me Online. I^ll never have Passwords on. From time to time ill do with Friendly Fire on, since it is that more fun. Most people are afraid of it sadly, becasue they cant just blast into middle of their Squad.

Simple THNX would have sufficed!

This is great. Thank you. This should be a sticky. There are no useful guides for this game.
I have been away. I will read it now. Most of my problems relates to key bindings not working as advertised. I am trying to map my gamepad (I know, I play with it in my left hand and mouse in my right). Since this game does't offer gamepad custom mapping, I am trying to map the keyboard with Xpadder. It works very well with other games. Not this game.
What is the difference between PARRY and MELEE?
I reset all bindings to default. What key brings up the ORDERWHEEL?
It would be nice if the game gave a description of the individual bindings when you mouse over.
Then, I was playing today, my weapon stopped firing when my ammo was full. Fire is bound to my left mouse button.
My save has only one helper. How do I get the second one back? I assume it's my healer as I can no longer heal.
This should be a sticky. There are no useful guides for this game.

Thanks again.

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  • Parry is blocking. just hold the button to block.

  • Melee, well its hitting the enemy hahah. Hold down for Heavy hit, but only use it on bigger enemies like Scythes and Broodlords etc.

  • Orderwheel is with Spacebar if im correct ^^ *just hold it down and then use your Mouse to select what you want. You can aim at a Door and hold Spacebar down, then select Seal Door, open and Clean the room etc. You only need Sealing in my opinion.
    When you " Map " your bindings, go back to Training. It will show the ones you mapped and you can be sure that it works.

PS4 Gamepad is not reliable atm. Xbox and maybe Steam Pad is working as far as i know.
btw, how can you play with a pad and a mouise at the same time hahaha
i recommend using one of them at the time. Problem is the Gamepad does not recognize all buttons... at least with a PS4 Pad. Try " DS4Windows " for your Pad on PC. you can Map it the way you want!
I use it for different Games and it works proper, except Deathwing. The Devs know that for sure. They wrote it in Patch Notes!

About Guides. There are some on Steam Community Hub. You may read through them if you like. Other than that, you just ask what do you wanna know. Or add me on Steam. I have the same Name (Mr. Burns on a chair with Wineglass). When i Online playing you can join me if you like!

Well, onece in a Mission, you can revive your Brothers when using the " PSYGATE " with P or O in my case. It will take 7-8 seconds to Teleport you into the Armory. Once you there, you can select different Gear and Revive and restock your Brothers.
Nahum (Apothecary) has only a certain amount of Healing available. After that, finish the Mission or use a Psygate. (Psygates are cumulated). After every Mission you gain one more Psygate for use, but they are like consumables.

What descriptions do you need to know for which binding. What do you dont undertand??

About Ammo Glitch/ Bug. It is known that there is a Infinite Ammo Bug. When you have that, use " i " for accessing Inventory in Coop. Then you slect and reselect your Weapon and the Bug is gone.
*Important tip. Dont fire while reloading. Mean, dont use more than one button while reloading and wait for the animation. If you pull the trigger too early while reloading, yu can get this bug. It happens mostly to Mk2 Bolter which has the higher Firerrate. Just deplet the Mag and wait for the whole animation to finish. Then you should be on the save side!

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My PSYGATE is set to default (4). While in-game, I can hit 4, or P (just pauses the game), or 0 or O. Nothing opens up the PSYGATE. Very frustrating as this seems like a great game but the controls are ruining it for me.

dont know. it works for me all the time! when i have Psygates left ^^

Left? Does it run out or something?

@themasterblaster said in Is there a manual or user guide?:

Left? Does it run out or something?

Yes it does!
You get extras ones with finishing Missions. Psygates can also be stacked if you dont use them ^^

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