E3 Interviews
  • Personally, I found information a little daunting to come by after E3 - but hey, my loss is your gain!

    AggroGamer June 21, 2017

    GameWatcher June 21, 2017

    RPGamer June 14, 2017

  • Very interesting information and thanks for sharing!

    It sounds like this game could be a blast and that it will be a good take on the Werewolf lore. The only thing I didn't like was that we would play a Ronin and not be part of one of the tribes, but I suppose that's just something I'll have to live and deal with.

  • I see why they are choosing to go the route of Ronin, it does suck that you don't get to start as a tribe but at the same time you do have a level of freedom (and restriction) as a Ronin that you would not have if you were part of a Tribe.

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