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Personally, I found information a little daunting to come by after E3 - but hey, my loss is your gain!

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Very interesting information and thanks for sharing!

It sounds like this game could be a blast and that it will be a good take on the Werewolf lore. The only thing I didn't like was that we would play a Ronin and not be part of one of the tribes, but I suppose that's just something I'll have to live and deal with.

I see why they are choosing to go the route of Ronin, it does suck that you don't get to start as a tribe but at the same time you do have a level of freedom (and restriction) as a Ronin that you would not have if you were part of a Tribe.

The guys who are behind the production of the game are veterans / writers / players!

Create a werewolf game the apocalypse, single player (which is good that is single player!), By the violent nature of the game, can make the game look like a hairy batman, or a spiderman version, beating game ... with lots of blood and death of course!
I think this game will not work well without a pack at least to be manipulated in the scenario, a (pack and turn ) would be ideal, but go there later do not say they were not warned!
A concept of an ex master and player werewolf apocalispse:

The objective of individuals (of warrior tribes) is always to control the pack, or a caern, is to lead them to confront Wyrm, even the most inexperienced Garou and Mentors are guided to control the most inexperienced and lead them in the combat.
I may be wrong, maybe the apocalypse has already occurred with the Time of Judgment.
Are there interesting ideas out there I've been reading, a ronin / player who's a wyrm servant? hmmm that's crazy, it gives me a cold in the spine ...
I would even have a sequel. My opinion is: it is pack and turn-based game, in combat at least!
I know the project is in good hands, I already played bloodball: D

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